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Thu, 05/02/2019 - 15:38

Everybody is talking about how seductive hormone perfumes can be! Your trend-following clientele will love this original take on personal scent.  These specially conceived molecules multiply sensation and desire and with them Exsens has created two amazing perfumes, one laced with pheromones and another with endorphins.



Endorphins provoke feelings of pleasure & happiness, diminishing pain and stress. Your body produces endorphins naturally but who couldn't use a little more? 

Exsens has created Angel's Dream, a perfume with notes of vanilla over a patchouli base. Formulated with Arctic roots, it will stimulate your endorphin centers. All day you will feel and smell amazing, enveloped in the scent of joy!

"…endorphins are the happiness hormones, the ones we can never have too much of…"

The more you endorphins you secrete the more centered and calm you will feel, with less tension and less anxiety. Angel's Dream is your invitation to escape to joy!



Have you ever noticed how good someone smells before you notice their looks, or hear the sound of their voice? That smell that makes you want to be around them before you even know who they are? Most of us don't even notice it, but it's there.

Numerous studies have been made in order to better understand the principal function of pheromones and how they influence sexual attraction. At once, strong and yet imperceptible, pheromones are the equivalent of a personal biological ID card. Their importance in human relations, and most certainly in sexual relations, inspired Exsens to formulate a perfect blend of scent and active ingredients for their new line of perfumes.

"…our sense of smell operates beyond our force of will…"

Just a few drops of this perfume on your pulse-points will raise your confidence and self-esteem- both of which are very seductive! Under the Influence will allow you to reveal and revel in your innate sensuality.