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Thu, 05/02/2019 - 15:56

Glittery dry oil to enhance summer tanning


The "glowy skin" trend has developed a little while ago, by seeing stars but also bloggers with sparkling shoulders or legs thanks to glittering oil. It turns the heads of more than one woman and allows to obtain luminous reflections with a very natural effect and gives an impression of a fresh complexion. Something to delight your spouses!



By touches on the cheekbones to create points of light or to your foundation and day cream for a luminous make-up!



If you want to straighten your hair and give it shine, spread the Glam Oil, previously heated in the palm of your hands, over your ends. Your hair will be shiny and fragrant.



Lightly tinted, it unifies and illuminates the skin in one gesture. Apply it evenly to all legs to bring a sensual note and boost their shape. The little extra, apply it to already tanned skin to enhance the tan. You can mix it with your moisturizing milk for a lighter glitter effect.