Territorial anchoring

Our products are imagined, designed, manufactured and packaged in France, in our own laboratory, always favoring short circuits for more traceability. Producing a brand entirely in France is a guarantee of quality.

From design to product marketing, our customers actively participate in maintaining the industrial fabric and Made in France know-how.

While purchasing our products, you also contribute to maintaining jobs in France.

It is now possible to consume better with French products of very high quality and therefore sustainable. We believe that buying products made in France is part of a positive, eco-responsible and essential eco-citizen approach.

Passion for the best

EXSENS products are the result of the meticulous work of 20 passionate employees, the richness of a cosmetic formulation and production profession transmitted with passion for more than 10 years.

A great loyalty unites EXSENS to its industrial suppliers of raw materials and packaging items, and this for more than ten years on average for the 50 main direct suppliers. The stability of these partnerships, based on shared values, makes it possible to guarantee the security of the company's supplies and to ensure the essential traceability of materials. A common dynamic drives EXSENS and its partners who are progressing together in their CSR commitments.

We campaign for eco designed creations

  • All our cases are recyclable
  • We have replaced the paper notices with inscriptions on the back in our packaging
  • 100% of our gift boxes are made in Europe
  • We work on the thicknesses of cardboard as precisely as possible, eliminate superfluous packaging, and aim to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible
  • For our primary packaging, we use glass and recyclable HDPE
  • We encourage our FRS to eco-design
  • We sort our waste and work with experts in recycling and waste recovery such as VEOLIA and CHIMIREC
  • We treat 100% of our effluents and the plant is connected to the Wastewater of the Region

Our own laboratory

The manufacture in our own laboratory allows us to guarantee the quality and traceability of our products from the design stage through to the finished product.Industrialization translates the transposition of products from the laboratory to production and helps anticipate unpleasant surprises during the manufacturing process. We are a manufacturer of care and health products, with a factory of excellence.

We manufacture all our products in strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices GMP ISO 22716 and under ISO13485:2016.

Our capacities

Our capacities in simple mixes are around 1400T / year and in emulsions of around 390T / year. Our filling and assembly lines fill tailor-made packaging solutions, sourced from selected and approved suppliers.

Our current annual capacity is 3.5 M tubes / year and 1.5 M bottles and jars / year.

In the packaging rooms we work under laminar flow hoods.

A dynamic of continuous progress

94% and 100% our ingredients are between 94% and 100% natural.

BIO we regularly use organic ingredients - We always choose to maximize the percentage of organic ingredients in our formulas.

80% of our formulas are Vegan certified.

Ultra pure water

In recent years the general public has become aware of the problem of water contamination. Ultra-pure water is used today mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. We decided to install our own water purification unit in within our production site.

The water is demineralized by ion exchange to eliminate any possible dangerous impurities (ex. heavy metals, chlorides …).

The demineralized water is then treated using UV for organic decontamination. UVs have the advantage of not changing the water organoleptics characteristics and PH.

The final step is ultrafiltration to remove particles of all kinds contained in water. So for our manufacturing, we use ultra pure water certified according to the European and American pharmacopoeia.


We act within the strict framework of ISO13485:2016 with LNE GMED, ISO22716 and BPF (in self-certification), under the CE0459 marking of LNE GMED and 510(K) of the FDA. Our cosmetic products are certified organic by Ecocert, and our massage oils are certified vegan by EVE VEGAN. We are part of federations such as FEBEA, SNITEM of COSMED, among others.