A cosmetic story to be savored…

EXSENS, representative of part of the history of sensual cosmetics, is a unique and refined experience of the French art of living.

For more than 10 years, EXSENS has been vibrating for love. Thrills at the idea of bold new natural and plant-based creations, made in France.

Between textures, flavors and fragrances, EXSENS gives birth to unforgettable emotions, an enchanted parenthesis. Discover this atmosphere, imagined as a timeless bubble.

EXSENS cultivates the special place of sensual cosmetics in intimacy and in people's lives, as a trigger for feelings of happiness and unforgettable emotions. The brand has a unique look, an exceptional know-how Made in France.

Every woman is unique

Every woman is unique. However, certain signs are telling and common to all of us. If you dare to take your desires to the next level, if you want the icing on the cake, and if you like to stretch your limits, we share the same vision.

The brand is filled with the eternal values. EXSENS communicates to its audience something very special, deeply private: love, happiness, well-being and pleasure.

The universality of EXSENS themes and images allows the brand to cross borders between cultures, countries, age and social groups, while recalling to their feminity as well as to the fondest feelings.

EXSENS was created for those indomitable women who seek beauty, love and pleasure. Women who embrace their unique identity and who wish to shape their history in the image of their desires.

Team Exsens