Health, safety and environment

The company is concerned with the safety of its employees, property, occupational health and the environment. As part of our social and environmental policy, we highlight the importance of this work.

The safety of people is ensured by compliance with the rules but also proactive communication at group level allowing the sharing of feedback.

The permanent progress

The permanent progress of our industrial site in terms of respect for the environment is for us a major orientation.

Indeed, the environment has always been and remains one of our priorities with the recovery of waste, the control of our discharges and work in close collaboration with local authorities.

PACKAGING: We try to limit our consumption of cardboard by reducing the size of our packaging as much as possible.

WASTE & ENERGY MANAGEMENT: Our waste management policy consists of a continuous effort to recycle and reduce waste. Implementation of systematic recycling of most of our waste since 2012. Elimination of industrial waste managed by an ISO 14001 certified partner.

TRANSPORT: In terms of transportation, our goal is to reduce our daily impact on the environment. We prioritize local suppliers. We purchase our raw materials in France, otherwise in Europe, and more rarely from the rest of the world.