Gemstones & Cosmetics: The improbable meeting

Feb 19, 2024
Used for thousands of years by Chinese and Tibetan traditional medicines, lithotherapy has become an underlying trend that has gradually invaded the world of cosmetics.
Gemstones & Cosmetics: The improbable meeting

A closer look on this sudden enthusiasm for minerals: Jewerly, high fashion, decor and more recently, cosmetics-semiprecious stones are turning up everywhere. Across the Atlantic, crystals are creating a real buzz, while in France, the trend is growing every day.

From Miranda Kerr or Victoria Beckham to Angelina Jolie and Pharrell Williams the biggest stars are also falling under the spell of healing crystals.

Our team has been convinced for several years already of the advantages that cosmetics with semiprecious stones could bring. Pushing the limits of traditional cosmetics this year, we are happy to have created a new massage oils line that brings this union into play.

Our crystal infused massage oils are as precious as the stones themselces- where stones, oils, scents, and packagingare in synergy, creating a single object, pleasing in many dimensions.

The resulting poetry is sipmly magnetic and and fascinating.

Our crystal infused massage oils are as precious as the stones themselves…
The resulting poetry is simply magnetic…

Our EXSENS, Massage is like a unique piece of music, written and rewritten on skin and muscle, using new notes as well as old, dear refrains to create a moment of perfect symphony between partners.

Our divine and subtle fragrances perfectly enhance our oils, bringing forth sensation and inspiration in concert with each crystal base.

Vary your pleasures to meet your moods, your needsand your deepest desires, all with products which are 100% natural and 92-94% organic, not to mention made in France.

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